How to Get Comfortable While Reading

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If you’ve ever even thought about reading, you’ve had this problem. It doesn’t matter if you’re reading from a book, magazine, tablet, ancient scroll, or milk carton—the process of reading has one fatal flaw: you cannot stay comfortable for more than fifteen minutes.

It doesn’t matter what position you’re in. Standing up or sitting or lying down. On your back or on your stomach or on your head. You’ll lose circulation, get a cramp, or your right hand will fall off. Nothing works—and this post probably won’t either. Continue Reading

The History of Halloween

History of Halloween
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To the surprise of basically everyone, it’s almost Halloween, and because of this, it’s almost November. Even though 2017 started approximately two days ago, soon we’ll only have two months of it left. So, because I knew nothing about the history of Halloween and I enjoy learning weird historical facts (and asking questions that my mom tells me to google and then write an essay on—WHICH I DON’T DO), I decided to do some digging (which was mostly me being on Pinterest.) And, lo and behold, Halloween started in Ireland. Hands up, who’s surprised? Continue Reading

How Costumes (…Clothes) Reflect Characters’ Personalities (With Examples Because Duh)

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We’ve gone through candy. We’ve gone through scary movies (I mean kinda.) And now…we’ve gotta talk about costumes. Or rather, about how characters’ costumes (aka clothes) reflect their silly selves. Because that has something to do with Halloween?? (If you were hoping I would tell you what to dress up as for Halloween, then the answer will always be Count Olaf.) But I swear to you that this will be great.

1. First, characters dress like their personalities. 

Take The Doctor. (For example. Don’t kidnap him. That’s rude.) With every regeneration, he’s obviously a different human being with different likes and dislikes, but before you know any of them, you get an idea of who he is by what he chooses to wear. Continue Reading

The Scariest 6-Minute Movie in Existence

Scariest 6-Minute Movie
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In the spirit of Halloween, I couldn’t resist writing this post. Because what is Halloween, really, if not an attempt to make everybody wet their pants?

Behold! The scariest 6-minute movie (*cough* starring Winston and Puder *cough*) in existence!

(If you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say Winston and Puder, you probably missed a blog post. Here’s what to do: DO NOT click on this link. It will make your eyes fall out. There will be much burning and unpleasantness.) Continue Reading

5 Harry Potter Sweets That Would be Nifty to Have in Real Life

Harry Potter Sweets
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I’ve always had really weird yet strong opinions about which months belong in which seasons.

December is the only winter month, because Wintriness=Christmas in my mind. Spring lasts from January to May, which means the weather goes from Cold/Blah to Grey-Roadside-Slushy-Blah to Actual Spring. Summertime contains June, July, and August. And fall (or its more dignified twin, autumn) has the months of September, October, and November.

That being said, my mental calendar (or mentally disturbed calendar, whichever you prefer) failed me last month. I totally forgot that September was the beginning of fall. And my forgetfulness had nothing to do with the warmness of the weather or being in Florida or having a crazy month, obviously. Continue Reading

5 Things to Love About Psych

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It’s already almost October, which means it’s time—for no particular reason—for me to write a post about Psych (a.k.a. the best TV show EVER.)

WARNING: My brother and I literally watched this show every week-day for at least four years. We could probably reenact some of the episodes, so if this sounds like the obsessed rantings of a madwoman, then I must compliment your sense of hearing disagree.

Things to Love:

1. It’s not super serious.

Unlike some TV shows full of murder, mayhem, and constant fear that SOMEONE IS GOING TO DIE, Psych keeps the dead people at a minimum.* Even in the most serious episodes, Shawn is making jokes and Gus is threatening to kill him. And in the least serious episodes, well… there’s an episode where they find out who murdered a sea lion, so that’s all I have to say about that. Continue Reading

Disney World Recap 2017 (Hint: It Involves a Hurricane)

Disney World
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Everybody smile like you’re having a good time.—Said some woman outside of Thunder Mountain Railroad who was probably talking to her children.

I AM BACK. And I did have some fun. So there’s that.

Also, in a surprising turn of events, my family and I did not die, which is what I would call a successful vacation.

But in all seriousness, I learned a good handful of things about hurricanes while we were in Florida.

1. If you want to have a whole plane all to yourself, always fly right before a hurricane. (I technically learned this in the Indianapolis Airport.)

34 people. 34 people including us, plus the crew. That was everyone on our flight down to Orlando…and it was amazing. There were no loud children (more on that later), you could sit wherever you pleased, and you could get honey roasted peanuts and  pretzels. #Blessed. Continue Reading

Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Winston and Puder

About Winston and Puder
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There are some things that you may find helpful to know about Winston and Puder. For instance, you might be interested to know that they both come from very, very  long lines of Winstons and Puders before them. Or, it might intrigue you that Puder’s middle name is Daniel and Winston’s is Stiensteelic. Or, at the very least, you might find it absolutely fascinating that Puder is Winston spelled backward, minus the vowels, upside-down. But I’m not talking about any of these things today. In fact, I’m not even talking (typing?) because I made a super awesome infographic to transport all this information from my mind to yours. Continue Reading

25 of My Favorite Literary Quotes

Book Quotes
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Hello to everyone! Family, friends, random nice people, and bots from all over the world that are indexing this page.

Today I would like to share with you a few of my favorite literary quotes. Some of them I’ve loved for years, and others have become my favorites in the past few days as soon as I realized they existed.

So without further ado, I shall bestow them upon you in no particular order, because you can’t rate greatness.


“There was a boy called Eustace Clarence Scrubb, and he almost deserved it.” Continue Reading

Why Rainy Days Make the Best Reading Days

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Rainy Days
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In my humble opinion, which is 100% right all the time, rainy days make the best any day. There’s something magical about them that can dial your senses to eleven, or release all the tightness around your neck at the sound of the first downpour, or possess you to build a blanket fort and then do nothing but watch movies in it all day long. Even if you have school work.

Another thing that’s wonderful about rain (which you’ve probably already guessed if you’ve read the title) is the itch that you get to snuggle up with a good book. Continue Reading

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