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Why Redemptive Character Arcs Matter

Redemptive Character Arcs
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I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while, and with The Last Jedi premiering tonight and the roles Redemptive character arcs played in the original Trilogy, now seems like a good time.

Also, I’m super stoked for The Last Jedi. And I might be obsessing over Rey’s poncho a bit too much.


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Let’s begin.

The concept of good and evil is used a lot in movies, TV shows, and books, and the messier a character’s past is, the more interesting their journey to the light side can be. With my Myers–Briggs personality type being what it is (INFJ), I like to see and help things get cleaned up. Whether it’s a closet that needs to be gone through and organized or a character who needs to pull themselves together, I find it satisfying. Continue Reading

How Costumes (…Clothes) Reflect Characters’ Personalities (With Examples Because Duh)

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We’ve gone through candy. We’ve gone through scary movies (I mean kinda.) And now…we’ve gotta talk about costumes. Or rather, about how characters’ costumes (aka clothes) reflect their silly selves. Because that has something to do with Halloween?? (If you were hoping I would tell you what to dress up as for Halloween, then the answer will always be Count Olaf.) But I swear to you that this will be great.

1. First, characters dress like their personalities. 

Take The Doctor. (For example. Don’t kidnap him. That’s rude.) With every regeneration, he’s obviously a different human being with different likes and dislikes, but before you know any of them, you get an idea of who he is by what he chooses to wear. Continue Reading

The Scariest 6-Minute Movie in Existence

Scariest 6-Minute Movie
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In the spirit of Halloween, I couldn’t resist writing this post. Because what is Halloween, really, if not an attempt to make everybody wet their pants?

Behold! The scariest 6-minute movie (*cough* starring Winston and Puder *cough*) in existence!

(If you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say Winston and Puder, you probably missed a blog post. Here’s what to do: DO NOT click on this link. It will make your eyes fall out. There will be much burning and unpleasantness.) Continue Reading

5 Things to Love About Psych

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It’s already almost October, which means it’s time—for no particular reason—for me to write a post about Psych (a.k.a. the best TV show EVER.)

WARNING: My brother and I literally watched this show every week-day for at least four years. We could probably reenact some of the episodes, so if this sounds like the obsessed rantings of a madwoman, then I must compliment your sense of hearing disagree.

Things to Love:

1. It’s not super serious.

Unlike some TV shows full of murder, mayhem, and constant fear that SOMEONE IS GOING TO DIE, Psych keeps the dead people at a minimum.* Even in the most serious episodes, Shawn is making jokes and Gus is threatening to kill him. And in the least serious episodes, well… there’s an episode where they find out who murdered a sea lion, so that’s all I have to say about that. Continue Reading

How Guardians of the Galaxy’s Music Makes it Stand Out From the Other Marvel Movies

Guardians of the Galaxy
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Guardians of the Galaxy is unlike any other Marvel movie. It doesn’t fit in with the average superhero-y feel. This is a little bit because the Guardians save the ENTIRE UNIVERSE, not just, you know, one planet. And the characters are also rougher, more anti-heroes, not always being led by the “right” motives. But one thing that distinguishes it the most is its music.

It’s been agreed by basically everyone that the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack is amazing. Even if the movie had supremely stunk (which it didn’t), the music would have pulled it through. As it is, adding the movie and music together is something like, let me do the math….. (100%)(∞)+(100%)(∞). Continue Reading