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This probably should have been the first thing I posted this year, but I have no regrets about my priorities (which obviously favor invented species over goals and resolutions.)

Also, by this point, you probably thought you were done reading about resolutions, but nay. You are not done. You’ve still got one more to read. Unless you decide to just throw your phone across the room. That’s fair.

My 2018 Blog(ish) Goals

•Read 50 books.

Last year I read 52 books, so if I’m being honest my goal is to beat myself by at least one book, but 50 is more aesthetically pleasing, sooo….

•Reread the Harry Potter and the Hunger Games series.

I’ve only read the Harry Potter series once, and that was a few years ago. So, because my memory can sometimes be compared to that of a goldfish’s (fun fact time: goldfish can actually remember something for up to five months), I want to reread. And the last time I can remember rereading the Hunger Games was when the last movie came out, in 2015. What even.

•Add more books to my Personal Library.

Because one of my bookshelves is about two-thirds weird random stuff instead of books, and someday I won’t be able to walk into the room next door to steal my brother’s Harry Potter books. 😢

•Experiment with monetizing Willow Snug.

Two words: college tuition.

•Make a Willow Snug logo (and probably some business cards.)

Partly because logos are good for branding and whatnot, but mostly because business cards are awesome and I’m a nerd.

•Write the 1st draft of a novel.

I will either finish this in a year or I will drown myself in a puddle of tears trying.

•Start (and finish) my 4-H Creative Writing project waaaay before it’s due.

Because last year I was an overachiever and got it done in April, so now anytime after February is unacceptable.


What are your goals for 2018?? Do you usually keep your resolutions? Or do you prefer to bury the bodies of all your hopes and dreams?


2 comments on “My 2018 Blog(ish) Goals”

  1. I don’t like calling them resolutions because it makes it sound like you can only make them at the beginning of the year. The best time for any change or new habit is today, right now. Not to mention, most people give up after a few weeks. Not you, of course!

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