This cat is super happy. Just look at him.

Aloha! I’m Grace Batronis and you just stumbled upon my blog. It’s dedicated to stories and the idea that they nourish us to grow into the people we become.

I write about all facets of stories: books, movies, TV shows, and music, along with my own short stories and snippets. Just go with it.

My goal is to create a community founded on great stories. A cozy, sheltered place (a snug, if you will) where opinions can be expressed and grief can be given to those who think Episode I was the best Star Wars movie.

I typically type up posts once a week on Thursdays, unless if there’s an apocalypse. Then I’ll need to reschedule. To get all the latest and greatest, you might just have to subscribe via email or owl.

Why Willow Snug? Well, in Britain, (the place that brought you Doctor Who, Harry Potter, that one chocolate bar with a honey comb in it, and David Tennant.)(technically David Tennant is Scottish, but it’s close enough.) a snug is a warm, cozy place that would be great to read a book in aaaand willow trees are both gorgeous and book compatible. Also, in English folklore, willow trees are believed to be capable of uprooting themselves to stalk travelers which is terrifyingly awesome.

You’re still reading? I guess you might want to know more about me… I’ve survived seventeen years of homeschooled life with my mom, dad, brother, and four cats throughout the years. Oh, and a frog named Ribbert that ultimately got released back into the wild. We live just inside Rockville, Indiana. “Where?” you ask? Exactly.

In my twenty-four hours of free time, I enjoy reading, using my imagination, bunburying, playing tag or Minecraft, and not writing. I’ve been a member of First Baptist Church of Rockville for nine years, during which I’ve slept, cried, thrown up, and met some of the best people in my life there. Thankfully not all in the same day.

My Contact Info

You can contact me via email or use your communicator (if someone hasn’t stolen it yet) or follow me on Pinterest. To be clear, you can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram—you aren’t forbidden from doing that—but I haven’t done much of anything on these platforms yet. Consider yourself warned.

Colophon—A Weird Word to Describe Technology and Design Details

I built my blog on WordPress 4.9.1 (self-hosted). My current theme is Isabelle by Bluchic, which is easy to use and customize.

In terms of design, the body text font is Habibi. The titles, headings, and subheadings are Raleway. I get some of the pictures for my blog posts from, a free stock photo site.

I get my hosting from Bluehost, and Namecheap registers my domain name.




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