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It’s already almost October, which means it’s time—for no particular reason—for me to write a post about Psych (a.k.a. the best TV show EVER.)

WARNING: My brother and I literally watched this show every week-day for at least four years. We could probably reenact some of the episodes, so if this sounds like the obsessed rantings of a madwoman, then I must compliment your sense of hearing disagree.

Things to Love:


1. It’s not super serious.

Unlike some TV shows full of murder, mayhem, and constant fear that SOMEONE IS GOING TO DIE, Psych keeps the dead people at a minimum.* Even in the most serious episodes, Shawn is making jokes and Gus is threatening to kill him. And in the least serious episodes, well… there’s an episode where they find out who murdered a sea lion, so that’s all I have to say about that.

* I mean, there’s a dead person in nearly every episode, but still.

2. But it does have its endearing moments.

Like when Shawn insisted that he be killed before Gus because he couldn’t watch his best friend die. Or when Gus realized that he didn’t care that he didn’t have the job he wanted or all the money he should have, because he would rather have Shawn as a friend. These moments last about two seconds, but come on, this isn’t the Hallmark channel.

3. It is insanely quotable.


This is coming from someone who’s seen some episodes up to twenty times, but take my word for it. It just is. Psych has some of the best ever TV show quotes, and I have utilized them to their fullest.

4. It has specialized versions of the theme song. (!!!)

Which is awesome by the way. The theme song comes in Christmas (plus Christmas episodes (yay)) and Halloweeny versions, along with comic book, Shawn 2.0, a cappella, and undoubtedly others that I forgot.

5. It has Burton Guster with his wonderful head. And all his nicknames.


The best of those being: Magic Head, Gus T.T. Showbiz (the extra T  is for extra talent), Big Head Burton, Bruton Gaster, Hummingbird Saltalamacchia, Hollabackatcha, Gutsssss , Gurton Buster, MC Clap Yo Handz (with a ), Mellowrush, Bill Ofrights, and Burton Trout (no relation.)

Um, end of list. But not end of reasons why you should love Psych.

What are all your thoughts and feelings? Do you love Psych?? Is your favorite Gus nickname listed here? Are you mad that Netflix took Psych off Instant Streaming? (Of course you are.)


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