Scariest 6-Minute Movie
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In the spirit of Halloween, I couldn’t resist writing this post. Because what is Halloween, really, if not an attempt to make everybody wet their pants?

Behold! The scariest 6-minute movie (*cough* starring Winston and Puder *cough*) in existence!

(If you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say Winston and Puder, you probably missed a blog post. Here’s what to do: DO NOT click on this link. It will make your eyes fall out. There will be much burning and unpleasantness.)

Now before you watch this, you should know:

(1.) That I am the one filming this, and most of the everything else is done by some stranger WHO IS DEFINITELY NOT MY BROTHER. HA HA. Where you get all those silly ideas of yours I’ll never know.

(2.) That every voice is 100% more obnoxious than it needs to be. I’d like to blame it all on the video, but then I’d be Junior Asparagus and Larry Boy would have to save me from the Fib from Outer Space…, no. Also? The voice that is extra loud and ridiculous belongs to yours truly, because my face was too close to the iPad during filming.

(3.) That my *NOT* brother and I got a day off from school to film this… Shout out to my mom for letting us do this, and shout out to Younger *NOT* brother and me for being determined geniuses with one clear goal: not doing school.

Enjoy!/Don’t die!



Um, was that terrifying or what? Were you reminded of old Sci-Fi movies like The Blob or Robot Monster? (Have you actually seen/heard of those movies?) Are you still alive?? And perhaps the most important question of all…..Do you like horror movies? (Spoiler Alert: I am half chicken and thus I do NOT.)

Scariest 6-Minute Movie

2 comments on “The Scariest 6-Minute Movie in Existence”

  1. Whoa! How old was that? I haven’t heard your NOT brother’s voice that high in a loooong time! On a side note, “They control me, Kip! They just can!” …because you know once the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant sees this, they will want to add it to their line up!

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